Mole Negro Grilled Burgers and Veggies


Amy here on a cloudy monsoon afternoon with a bounty of summer produce like long green chiles, Shishito peppers, okra, yellow squash and great tomatoes. It makes me want to grill and eat outside.

But my new friends want to try Mano Y Metate Mole, and the last thing I want is to make a formal meal. I wondered if burgers seasoned with mole powder would work…

u meat mix.jpg

Local pastured beef pairs well with the smoky, spicy, bold flavors Mole Negro in other forms, so that’s what I chose. I mixed the mole powder with not too lean meat and sent to the grill.

u grilling burgers.jpg
u cooked burgers.jpg

The juices from the cooked meat were infused with Mole Negro flavors. It exceeded my expectations.

u tomatoes.jpg


I was thinking of a nice leaf lettuce to top burger, but that’s definitely not in season. Oh, tomatoes!






Charred spicy meat, tomato, and a slice of sourdough whole wheat from Barrio Bread. Salt on tomato.

u complete burger.jpg

Without lettuce, I wanted something green in the meal. Wait, August means green chile!!!!!!

u long green.jpg

And Shishito peppers, too small for the grill but great in a grill pan. Most are completely mild, but about one in 20, surprise! The skin is so thin no need to peel, and the seeds so small no need to clean. Too easy and great flavor.

u shishitoes.jpg

Also, I rolled some beautiful fresh okra in a splash of olive oil and Mole Negro powder.

u grilling okra.jpg
u cooked okra.jpg

Grilled squash is one of my favorite foods in the whole world. I can’t grill without making some. First time with Mole Negro powder, though. It worked really well. Just toss with a splash of olive oil and sprinkle on mole powder to taste.

raw squasu h.jpg
u grilling squash.jpg
griled squash2.jpg

For raw contrast, a quick cucumber salad with goat queso fresco, olive oil, black pepper and fresh basil.

cuke salad.jpg

Enjoy with prickly pear lemonade. Happy picnicking

Amy Valdes Schwwemm